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The Rock Steady Crew (Mr. Wiggles, Crazy Legs, Ken Swift)

"B-Boys get DOWN!!!"

Breaking or breakdancing started in the late 1960’s, early 70’s. DJ Kool Herc took a James Brown song called the ‘Good Foot’ and looped it on the ‘break’ beat so that dancers could have a continuos rhythm to dance to. The ‘good foot’ was the first freestyle dance that incorporated moves involving drops and spins. As D.J.s invented new ways to stretch the break beats in the records, dancers had more time to invent and experiment. Soon moves like dropping down to the ground and poppin up again on beat became standard. DJ Kool Herc coined the term b-boy around the mid seventies to describe the people that danced this new style. In the middle of his sets he would get on the mic and yell “B-boys go down!” to signal the crown to clear the way for the breakers. People still aren’t sure what Herc meant, but the term b-boy is still used today and most people think it means ‘break boy.’ In Brooklyn a new step inspired by these drops was being developed and called ‘Brooklyn Rock’ also known as ‘Uprocking’. Once the first early break moves had been established, a definite style began to develop.

B-boy moves: a headspin above / a freeze below (a stall in the midle of a move)

Breaking evolved further when people from South American countries began to incorporate capoiera, a local fight/dance style, into uprocking. Also, Bruce Lee and other Kung Fu film stars had a major influence on b-boying culture. The popularity of Kung Fu films during the mid and late 70s around the world and especially in New York City, has had a great impact on b-boying style. Breakdancing groups like The Rock Steady Crew, and the New York City Breakers emerged. These crews would battle each other in night clubs and try to win contests by having the newest and hardest moves. Soon breakers were doing flips, head spins and other extremely acrobatic moves to compete with each other.



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