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'Wild Style' (1982) was an early hip hop classic

B-boying became even more popular in 80s. It was first introduced to out side of New York CIty and the rest of world by a movie ‘Flashdance’ in 1983. Even though it was not a b-boy movie, a short scene which featured b-boying and popping on a street had a great impact and was enough to inspire people to start b-boying all over the world. There were other movies to, like ‘Wild Style’ and ‘Beat Street,’ but these movies weren’t as commercial as ‘Flashdance’. Breaking crews like the Rock Steady Crew soon became famous worldwide as the media became attached to this interesting new dance. Crazy Legs, from the RSC is still recognized as one of the greatest b-boys of all time.
The media attachment to breaking only lasted till the mid 1980’s, but breaking didn’t die. B-boys went into the underground were they continued to master there b-boy techniques. 20 years later breakdancing has made its way all over the world and is now as popular as ever. Nowadays, B-boy events such as B-BOY SUMMIT and ROCK STEADY ANNIVERSARY are organized every year and many b-boys from all over the world get together and keep the culture alive and even try to take it into next level.

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