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Here is our list of ten albums that made a difference. Some are old, some are new, some are commercial, and some are underground, but they all share one thing... the insane ability to rock ya boombox!!!


Illmatic - Nas (1994)

Perhaps the one album that can be found on everybodies top ten list, this is Nasir Jones's first and best album. Pure ghetto poetry proved Nas to be a prophet in the hip hop world


Nia - Blackalicious (1999)

To many this is the bible of underground hip hop, MC Gift of Gab spits ferocious flows of perfect beats cut by Chief X-el. Blackalicious hail from the Oakland bay area of California.


Mind over matter - Zion I (1999)

Another Bay area group, Zion I rap with highly spiritual lyrics over deep drum and bass like beats.


Lucy Ford - Atmosphere (1999)

The second album from Minneapolis, MN, based group Atmosphere. Atmosphere are know for rapper, Slug's self deprecating lyrics and DJ Ant's melodramatic beats.

Aquemini - Outkast (1998)

Hero's of southern hip hop, Aquemini is Outkast's best piece of work to date.Big Boi and Dre are two smooth ass brothas and the perfect hip hop combination.


Ready to Die - Notorious B.I.G (1994)

Biggie Smalls' debut album is laced with thorough beats and some of the most witty rhyme patterns ever put on record.


Liquid Swords - Gza / Genius (1995)

Gza is probably the most slept on of all the members of his crew, the Wu Tang Clan, but this is by far the best of the many albums the crew has released.


Seven's Travels - Atmosphere (2003)

Yet another album from Atmosphere. This group is dope as hell!!


Labor Days - Aesop Rock (2001)

Underground hip hopper Aesop Rock is a true poet. This is one of those albums that you'll be rewinding every few lines just to hear what he said over again. Amazing!


Reasonable Doubt - Jay- Z (1996)

Jay-Z is king of hip hop on a commercial level. With more than 7 multi-platinum albums, his first is still the best.



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