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An MC and DJ working the crowd

The next few years where know as the ‘jiggy’ era. Money, sex and diamonds soon become the popular thing to rap about. many Mc’s all started to sound similar. The creativity that was prevelant in the golden era was no more and the whole hip hop scene had become very bland. By the late 1990’s hip hop had become completely mainstream and quite frankly, boring. Many fans saw artists they love join labels and put out half hearted albums just to get huge money contracts. It was during these years that independent labels began making a comeback.
Hip hop can now be classified into two groups: commercial and underground. Commercial hip hop is known for materialistic lyrics often glorifying violence, while the underground independent MC’s have tried to stick to the roots of hip hop with the emphasis on creativity and individualism. Though there are some very good artists on major labels, most are mediocre if that. Many people have turned to the underground to satisfy their hip hop crave. MC’s in the underground often promote and sell there own records, cutting out the labels as a middle man. They may not have the same huge deals as commercial MC’s , but are far from being broke. They tour constantly and instead of putting out an album every few years, like commercial MC’s, often release several in one year. For many, the underground is what is going to save hip hop from the clutches of greedy major labels who care little for the culture. Whether, the underground will save hip hop or not remains to bee seen, but with new MC’s starting to rap every day, the story of hip hop is far from over.

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