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The Official Pirate Website

Pirates are totally cool. There is nothing better in this entire world than pirates.

Infact many people, including myself think pirates should be reveared as GODS. Why? Because they are ruthless and cut-throat and frankly don’t give a damn about anything. Plus, they kill people on the drop of a dime, without thinking twice. Kinda like the GOD, but so way much neater than that guy.They’ll take your money, your home, your woman, your underwear...anything they want! And that makes them rad. Yah, I said it RAD!!! Everybody loves a grimey pirate. I mean, when was the last time you heard some one say, “I hate Pirates!!” Never, because nobody does. And if you do, you deserve to walk the plank!

Top 10 reasons pirates rock

10. they plunder booty (all kinds of booty)
9. pirates sail big ships
8. they have names like blackbeard, or redbeard
7. pirates never shower (but they still plunder the booty)
6. pirates have swords and guns and all kinds of cool weapons
5. they have eyepatches (why, because they can)
4. they will kill you (I mean it)
3. pirates never take no for an answer
2. because I love pirates
1. ARRRRRGhhh!!! (thats all i need to say) is the offical pirate website. l love pirates sooooo much I believe YOU should be one too! But first, there are a few things you need to know. But don't worry, because I'll teach it all to you here. Learn pirate history, how to perfect your pirate lingo, and then when you got all that down, you can buy all your pirate gear here at my one stop pirate shop, include the most awesome eyepatches on the planet!!! is almost as cool as a real pirate!!