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The Golden Age of the Pirate

The first pirates who appears on the seas was the nordic vikings. The vikings followed the coasts as closely as possible, but they weren't afraid to make long voyages over the open sea without any contact with land for weeks if they had to.While on long voyages they would attack costal towns and ships stealing all they could. The pirate as we all know it came much later
The Golden Age of Piracy came about in the late 1600's, almost 200 years after Columbus first journey to the New World, and lasted until about 1722. Although a brief period as far as history goes, it was filled with scallywags of all kinds, all attempting to acquire immense wealth and riches by any means neccessary. The Pirates ranged their travels from Madagascar to the eastern coast of North America, trading their stolen goods to whomever had the balls to deal with them.

The pirates used a variety of ships, though generally gave preference to those with the greatest speed.Their favorites were the sloop and the schooner. Escaping a single-masted sloop crewed by these grimey bastards was near impossible. I would shit my pants if I saw them chasin my ass!!!
Though it is common belief that pirates would make their captives walk the plank, there is no actual prove. Still its sounds like a damn cool way to kill somebody, so if you feel the need to make a hated enemy walk the plank...go ahead!!! More likely pirates would maroon their victims. Marooning was actually more cruel than it sounds. A man would be left alone on a deserted island with no food or fresh water. Coupled with the fact that they would probably have to deal with hostile natives, this was likely a sentence of a long and drawn out death. However,seldom were prisoners left alive much less released. There were reports of pirates doing the most horrble. acts, such as stuffing a victims mouth with oakum -a material used for caulking their boats- and setting it on fire. Remember, they are ruthless bastards that really don’t give a fuck! They kill because they feel like it, and love it! Flaying people alive was common practise as was pelting them with broken bottles. Even in a barbaric age Pirates were renowned for their terrible acts. Thats why I like them so much. Pirates are bad-ass!
As well as pirates during this time, there were also privateers. The term privateer could apply to an armed vessel, its captain or its crew. The main difference between a privateer and a pirate was that a privateer was authorized by a commission or a letter of marque from the government to capture the merchant vessels of a hostile nation. Basically privateers were sellouts to the corrupt government systems of the time, much like bastard policemen are today. I’m telling you, if we all lived by pirate rule the world would be a happier place. A letter of marque was recognized by international law and, in theory, a privateer could not be charged with piracy. Maritime nations made use of privateers in times of war as a cheap way of attacking enemy shipping. Privateers had an appointed captain; where as, pirates elected theirs with a majority vote, and he could be ousted just as easily by another vote. Although there was a line between privateers and pirates, it was thin. In my view the only difference is that privateer sounds way more gay and if I were a pirate back in the day I would be calling them all pussies!
William Kidd was a ‘gentleman’ pirate who operated with a letter of marque, and was charged by the Lords to attack pirates and French merchants in the Red Sea. In the end he was betrayed by the government he served and executed for his crimes. Never trust the government is the lesson to be learn here. I don’t know why we all can’t figure that out. I guess he kind of deserved it though - he was a pussy ass privateer and not no real pirate.
The best known pirate of the Golden Age was Black Beard. Some mystery surrounds his real name. What is known is that he was a daring, ferrous, unkempt, man with a long scraggly beard who treasured his rum above all else. ARRRRR!!! I like rum also is rad! Anyway, Black Beard was slain in battle by Lieutenant Robert Maynard in 1718; where upon, Maynard and his crew sailed home with the prize of Black Beard's severed head dangling from their bowsprit. Thats gotta suck!
There it is... a short history of pirates. There really isn’t much more you need to know. Besides, pirates don’t really care much about history. They would rather just plunder booty instead of remembering some stupid facts. So screw this and go buy some pirate gear...AAAAAAARRRRRRR!!!!!!! I frigin’ love pirates!!!!